Legal Remit is providing remittance services from Australia to the world since its establishment in July 2019. You can receive money in 200 countries from Australia. Remittance service is available in form of Bank account deposit, Cash Pickup, and wallet Top-Up. Legal Remit has brought B2B and P2B payments to make help businesses with cross border payments at a minimum cost.

Remittance Services

Bank Deposit / Account Deposit

Cash Pickup

Wallet Top-up

Bank Deposit / Account Deposit

Bank account deposit is the most preferred way of sending money overseas. Your beneficiary will receive money on their bank account in real-time*, 99% of bank deposit transactions are delivered in minutes or less.

Cash pickup

Cash Pickup is a traditional method of sending money overseas where beneficiaries can receive cash against your transaction from our local agents by identifying themselves.

Wallet Topup

Wallet top-up is the quickest way to remit money overseas. 99% of transactions are completed in minutes or less.