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Legal Remit is a fully owned subsidiary company of Lumbini Group Pty Ltd. Legal Remit was established in 2019 with the vision to make money transfers seamless. The idea of Legal Remit was formed by a group of three friends who came to Australia from Nepal in the early 2000s. During their time as students in Australia, sending money was a headache. Many students become victims of those informal channels of sending money including one of our co-founders. Sending money from banks was even more difficult, it took a week for money to be delivered. The bank’s higher transfer fees and low rate offerings make it an even worse experience. Technology changed, innovation happened, time passed, and many remittance companies entered the market, but sending money to Nepal never became easier until 2019. Our team decided to do something to make it easier using technology and innovation.

In September 2019, Legal Remit Nepal announced its real-time service for Nepal. It enables people to send money from Australia to Nepal in real-time which is less than 2 minutes. More interestingly, we successfully developed a system that can deposit money into customers’ bank accounts 24/7. Since then Legal Remit Nepal figured out utility bill payment is another area Nepalese customers are struggling with. Hence in 2021, we enable all sorts of utility bill payments in Nepal in real-time. With our vision to help communities for a better life and financial well-being, we decided to spread our services to the remaining world under the brand name Legal Remit. From December 2021, we enable to send money from Australia to the world. It connects more than 200 countries and communities around the world. Our vision is to keep helping people in their need with our services and products.

our mission

Our mission is to safeguard the fund while transferring it until it gets delivered to the receivers. We offer completely hassle-free and guaranteed money transfer and money exchange services to our customers.

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our vision

We work to influence positively people around the globe who wish to use financial services from us. Our focus has always been a key part of our strategy and safety. Over time, we will expand our trusted financial services and globalize our network to extend into other financial services. We promise to meet the highest possible standards while delivering our services.

our objective
  • Makes money transfer simple
  • Provide quality customer services
  • Offer real-time remittance services
  • Make money transfer easier for business
  • Safeguard your transfer
  • Reduce the cost of money transfer
  • Give a higher value for each cent you transfer
  • Technology and innovation-oriented services / Use of technology to add a brick in the modern remittance system.
  • Change the way people send and receive money.

We aim to offer completely hassle-free, guaranteed, and quickest money transfer and money exchange services to our customers.

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