What we do

We made cross border payments simple and easy with our real-time payments overseas. We do bank b2b deposits, Cash pickups, wallet top-ups and utility bill payments (Nepal only).

Bank transfer

Bank transfer is a widely used delivery method in the remittance industry. All bank transfers are completely electronic and encrypted to make them highly secured.

Delivery Time

Most of our bank transfers are completed in minutes or less. However, it all depends upon your receiving country and their banking system. Our given times are indicative only for the information purpose and Legal Remit won’t guarantee its delivery as stated in normal circumstances.

Cost of transaction

Normally, bank transfers using Legal Remit are cost-effective compared to the transfer using swifts and competitors. However, the transaction cost is depended on the receiving country. You can use send money page to see how we charge for the bank transfer. Every country has their own charges and standard delivery time.

Wallet Topup

Wallet top-up is another form of delivery method which is based on an electronic transfer method using secure and encrypted remittance channels. In normal circumstances, most wallet transactions are completed in minutes or less. However, delivery time depends on the recipient country and the availability of their service.

Cash Pickup

Cash Pick up is a traditional method of remittance still used in all parts of the world. These transactions are the quickest in the remittance delivery channels and are normally used in the case of urgency and for the small size of the transaction. Its delivery time is completely dependent upon the destination country’s working hours and the availability of the service.

Utility Bill Payment

Legal Remit brought utility bill payments into the remittance channel for the first time in the Nepalese market. User can easily check their bills and pay them in real-time for the common service providers in Nepal. Payment of Insurance premiums is another valuable service we offered to the customers.

B2B Payments

Legal Remit facilitates businesses to make payments to their business partners, service providers, and suppliers overseas. Our low transaction cost, higher conversion rate, and on-time delivery of your payments will take your burden of international payments and you can focus on your business more.

P2B Payments

Legal Remit offers individual customers to make payments to businesses against their service in Nepal. Our low transaction cost, higher conversion rate, and on-time delivery of your payments relieve the burden of your payments and save money on each of your transactions.

Mobile apps

Money transfer is even easier with our mobile App. Download now for free.