How to get started with Legal Remit? How to register on Legal Remit? How to Sign up with Legal Remit? How does it work?

To get started with Legal Remit you need to do the following steps.

  1. Create account at no cost by Signing Up your account

    Create your profile using your name, email, and mobile number. Email and mobile numbers must be verified to continue using the verification link and OTP sent in your mobile number. *Name must match with your IDs.

  2. Enter your KYC details

    Once you verify your mobile number with OTP, you will be asked to fill in KYC details. We need basic information about your current residential address (Including house number and postcode), your nationality, and your date of birth. Please click on save and next to move to the next step.

  3. Upload your valid ID.

    We require you to upload one of the acceptable forms of ID in this step. We only accept three types of IDs at the moment: Passport (any country), Australian Driver license, and Australian Photo ID (also known as Age Card proof issued by the state government). Choose the type of ID from the list, enter ID number, expire date, and issuing authority. Once you fill out the mentioned information, you can upload a copy of your ID and submit your KYC to complete your profile. Now you are ready to send money to the receiver.

    *Please note that your uploaded ID must be readable and your face should be clearly visible.

  4. Enter your KYC details

    Once you verify your mobile number with OTP, you will be asked to fill in KYC details. We need basic information about your current residential address (Including house number and postcode), your nationality, and your date of birth. Please click on save and next to move to the next step.

How to send money from Legal Remit?
  1. Sign Up/ Login in our App or Web.

    Signup for your account in our system first. Please click here to check registration procedures. If you are already registered, please use the following steps to send money.

  2. Enter recipient’s details and choose a delivery method.

    After log in to our app, create a pin for security purposes, you will have a biometric authentication option as well for highly secured and quick authentication. Once you set up your profile, you can enter your desired amount to send. Then you have to provide recipients details name, address, mobile number, relation, and bank details. The required recipients’ details may vary depending upon delivery method, and recipient’s country.

  3. Pay to Legal Remit.

    After providing all the required information, choose your convenient payment method available in our system. You will have four payment options available. You can pay us using our pay ID from your bank, you can make a bank transfer using our BSB and Account Number as well. You also have an option of POLI payments by logging into your internet bank. We are adding payment options using Debit cards and credit cards soon.

  4. Track your transfer .

    Now you can track your transaction on our APP and website in real-time. We notify you with a popup notification, in-app notification, SMS, and email notification regarding your transaction.

What does KYC mean?

KYC stands for Know Your Customers. This is a piece of identification information including:

  1. Full name (must match with the name in your IDs).

  2. Date of Birth.

  3. Nationality.

  4. Full residential address (Including house number and postal code).

  5. One acceptable form of ID (ID must be clear, and readable).

  6. ID’s details such as date of expiration, ID number, type of ID, and issuing authority.

What are the acceptable forms of IDs?

We accept three types of IDs as primary IDs for the registration.

  1. Passport (valid passport of any country is acceptable).

  2. Australian Driving License.

  3. Australian Photo ID (Also known as Age Card Proof issued by Australian state or territory government).

What is an additional document?

An additional document is a piece of document that may be required for the KYC verification process. To verify your KYC and to protect your ID from misuse, you will be asked for an address proof document that consists of your current residential address. Other than address proof documents, we may need to ask for your bank statements and payslips if you are required to send a larger amount of money in a short period of time.

What documents are accepted as an address proof document?

We accept the following address proof documents.

  1. Australian Driver license.

  2. Australian Photo ID.

  3. Bank statement.

  4. Official letter sent via post (Letter such as a letter sent from the Australian government, Bank, ATO, Centrelink, insurance, and regulated service providers).

  5. Rental agreement.

  6. Proof of rent payment.

  7. Utility bills (Electricity bill, mobile phone bill, internet bill, gas bill, etc) .

  8. Balance proof.

  9. Address proof extracted from the bank account

Why and when do I need to give my payslips and bank statements?

We need a bank statement and Payslip only if you need to send a large sum of the money at a time. Generally, these documents are not required for the transaction less than $10,000/- at a time. These documents are required to verify the source of income for the regulatory purpose only. We protect all of your documents as per the Australian Privacy Act 1988.

When does my money get delivered to recipient?

99% of our transactions get delivered in real-time.

What does real-time refer to?

Real-time refers to a task that is completed in less than 60 sec. We defined real-time as a service completed within 10 minutes from the time your transaction was created. Once the system verifies your transaction, it will be done within 60 seconds.

How will I be notified about my transaction?

    We keep you updated about your transaction via different types of notifications. We send you a push notification In-app notification, SMS notification, and email notification to keep you updated about each stage of your transaction.

What types of notifications may I receive from Legal Remit?

We send you the following notification:

  1. New transaction submission (push notification, in-app notification, and email notification).

  2. Transaction confirmed (push notification, in-app notification, and email notification). .

  3. Transaction delivered (push notification, in-app notification, email notification, and SMS notification) .

  4. Transaction error notification: This notification will be sent if there is an error on your recipient details. (Push notification, In-app notification, and email notification are sent)

  5. Additional document required: This notification will be sent to you if additional documents are required to complete your transaction. Address proof documents, bank statements, and payslips are the documents that might be required in some circumstances. (push notification, in-app notification, and email notification)

  6. Fund transfer into the wrong account: If you transfer funds to the wrong account instead of Legal Remit’s account.you will be informed via chat available in our APP. We may give you a call to let you know about the error.

  7. Amount error and confirmation: you will be notified about these errors via chat available in the App.

  8. Delivered notification to the recipient (SMS Notification)

How can I manage notifications?

We have a dynamic setting option that allows you to control everything with a few taps. Please click here (link to setting on app) to go to setting. You can choose what you want to be notified about.

How to get updated about rates?

ou have an option to keep the desired rate you wish to have. Once the it reaches your expected rate mark, our system will send you the notification. To get regular updates of rates, we recommend you keep the expected rate lower than the recent trends.

What is the delivery method?

A delivery method is an option for how you wish your recipient to receive your money back home. It consists of a Bank account deposit, cash pick-Up, and wallet Top-Up.

How can I change my delivery method once the transaction is created?

If your transaction has not proceeded yet, you can send us a request via message, chat, email, or over the phone to change the delivery method. We will update the system as per your requirement.

How can I change my receiver/ recipient details?

Once you create your transaction, you can request to change recipient details if the transaction has not proceeded. You can provide us updated details via SMS, direct call to our customer support, live chat, social media, or by sending an email. We will update amended details in our system.

What Payment methods are available?

Following four payment methods available for customers via Legal Remit.

  1. PayID/ OSKO

  2. Bank Transfer

  3. Poli Payment

  4. Debit Card/ Credit Card

How does PayID work?
  1. What is PayID?

    PayID is a simple system enabling you to use an email address or phone number as a ‘shortcut’ to your existing bank accounts. Once you set up a PayID, instead of giving your banking details to someone to transfer the money you can just give them your chosen contact details as a shortcut to that account.

    A PayID can be an email address, a registered ABN, a mobile or landline phone number which is a lot easier to remember rather than giving people your BSB and account numbers! When someone pays you through a PayID, they see the name you choose to display alongside your PayID details so they will be sure it’s really you they’re sending money to.

  2. How It Works/How to send money in a PayID?

    To be able to send money into any PayID, you should have registered your PayID using internet banking, or using the mobile App of the bank. If you have already registered PayID, you can simply choose to send money Please visit How it works - PayID to know more about PayID

    *Please note that PayID transfer also takes up to 24 hours to be received in the recipient account, if you are paying for the first time.

How does Bank Transfer work?

Bank transfer is a simple method of transferring funds from your bank account to another bank account using BSB and Account Number. Generally, a bank transfer takes up to 24 hours if you are paying for the first time in a new account. Most of the Australian banks are using OSKO payment in their bank transfer as well. OSKO makes it able to make payments in real-time to any connected account. there will be real time transfer after your first transaction.

How does Poli Payment work?

Poli Payments is a payment gateway offered by Australian Post. It allows you to pay within our app using your internet banking. Once you choose Poli Payment, it asks you to choose your bank and its login details to access internet banking. Poli Payment is one of the safe payment gateways which never saves your details into their servers. Please visit POLi Payments | Australia’s leading real-time online debit payment system to know more about Poli payments.

What information is required to make payment from Poli payment?

  1. Bank Name (where you have an account).

  2. Client ID/CRN (unique login ID of your internet banking).

  3. Password (Your internet banking login password)

*Note: Never share your Client ID, or Customer Registration Number, and your internet banking login password with anyone including our staff. We never ask for your login details for internet banking.

How do Debit Card and credit payment methods work?

It’s an easier payment method for customers to go with. It asks for your debit card or Credit card number, date of card’s expiry, and your CCV.

*Note: Never share your card details with anyone including Legal Remit’s staff. We never ask you to provide us with your card details.

How secure is Poli Payment?

Poli Payment is one of the safest payment gateway offered by Australian Post. It never saves your details and uses end-to-end encryption for your payment. Please visit POLi Payments | Australia’s leading real-time online debit payment system to know more about Poli Payments.

How does cash Pick-up work?

Cash Pick-Up is a delivery option, where, nominated recipient visits the physical outlet (cash pick-up) location to receive money in cash. Sender will receive a transaction identification number (remittance number) also known as control number. The control number is used by the recipient to pick up the cash with a valid form of ID (drivers licenses, citizenship card, other government-issued ID for verification purposes.

Please note: The details provided by the sender while making the transaction must match with the recipient’s ID presented to collect money. 99% of cash Pickup transactions get ready to collect in a few minutes.

How does Bank Account Deposit Work?

bank account deposit is another option for our customers to receive money. The sender needs to provide the recipient's bank details such as Bank account number, address, account holder name etc.

Note: Required bank details vary depending upon recipient countries and banks. Account holder names and account numbers are two mandatory elements in all countries.

What are the required details of recipients?

The required recipient details all depend upon the delivery method you choose and the recipient’s receiving country.

  • For the cash Pickup transactions, the recipient name, address, relation, and contact details are enough in many countries.

  • For Bank account deposit transactions, the Recipient's bank name, and account number along with the name, address, relation, and contact details is needed.

  • For the wallet top-up, the sender needs to provide wallet account details along with the recipient’s name, address, relation, and contact details.

Note: This information is indicative only. It may vary depending upon the country you choose to send and the method you choose in the delivery method.

How secure is my transfer with Legal Remit?

Legal Remit has encrypted all your transactions with various levels of cyber security protections. We use secure hosting to transmit your data from your end to your recipient end. All transactions are very secure and available for tracking for you in each and every stage of the transaction.

How does Legal Remit collect and manage my personal data?

We are very concerned about your privacy. Hence we collect and manage your personal data as per the guideline of the Australian privacy act 1988. Please click here to know more details about our privacy policy. Please click Federal Register of Legislation to know more about the Australian privacy act 1988.

How can I Trust that my transfer and data are secured with Legal Remit?

Legal Remit’s cutting edge technology made each of your transactions very secure and encrypted. All the data collected from customers are handled as per the guideline of the Australian privacy act 1988. All transactions are available for tracking in each stage it passes through. The use of a secure payment system made each of your transfers secure with multiple layers of protection. We are available 24/7 to talk and chat with our customers, hence you can reach out to us and track your transaction at any time.

Is WorldRemit secure? Please see this as a reference for this question and answer.

Can I cancel my transaction?

Yes, You can cancel your transaction in certain conditions. There are some conditions and situations where you can not cancel your transaction.

When to cancel?

If you send money, but you change your mind later, or you made a transaction to the wrong recipient, you can track your transaction status, if the transaction is not confirmed, you can request to cancel the transaction.

If your transaction has already been processed, or already delivered to the nominated recipient we can not cancel your transaction in any situation.

What are the procedures to cancel my transaction?

To cancel your transaction, please check your transaction status first to determine whether it is eligible for cancellation or not. If the transaction is not confirmed yet, you can send an email stating the reason for the cancellation with transaction details such as transaction number, recipient’s details, and transaction amount.

How can I request a refund?

Once you request to cancel the transaction, you also need to provide account details to reverse the amount. We proceed with your refund request once your transaction is canceled. We may need to pass some additional compliance checks to reverse your transaction, which may take up to 7 days to be completed. Note: We may apply administrative fees on each refund made from debit card/Credit.

In which condition can I get a refund?

There are several conditions you can request for a refund.

  1. If you cancel your transaction, you can request a refund.

  2. If you mistakenly transfer funds to our account, you can request a refund.

  3. If You made a transaction with invalid recipient details and you will be unable to provide correct valid details, you can request a refund. In this scenario, please contact our customer service representative.

How long will it take for a refund?

It takes from 1 to 7 working days for a refund to be completed. We need to go through some sort of compliance process which may take a maximum of 7 working days. We are dedicated to making our refund quicker. Our 70 per cent of refunds are done within two working days.

How can I refer to my friends?
From Mobile App

Once you sign up/login to our mobile app. You will have a home page with multiple features and options available in it. You simply click on refer, then click on share referral and send it to your friends and family using any kind of messaging app. Alternatively, you can copy the referral link directly, and send it to your friends using a messaging app.

From Web

If you use web applications only, please log in to your account. Go to your profile, scroll down, Copy the referral link and send it to your friends using any form of messaging app.

How referral works? What benefits will I get if I refer someone?

Once you share a referral link with your friend, who is new to Legal Remit. S/he needs to register using that link to check and validate the referral. If your friends already registered in our system but have never used our service, they can log in to their account using the referred link. if they send money from Legal Remit using your referral they will be awarded a free service charge in their first transaction. Once their money is delivered, you will be awarded a free service charge as well. In each referral, you and your friend both will be awarded a free service charge per referral.

How can I change my password?
If you are using the mobile app,

Please go to the home page. Click on the setting, you can see an option for changing the password. If you remember your old password (current one), you can change it from there. If you do not know your current password, you can reset the password by clicking on forget the password. Once you provide your registered email, our system will send you a reset link. You can easily change the password by clicking on the reset link sent in the email.

If you are using the web app,

Login to your account, go to profile, you can see password click on edit option, you can change it using a current password or clicking on forgot password.

I am overseas now. How can I get the OTP verification code?

To register your account with Legal Remit ‘OTP’ verification is mandatory. If you are overseas and want to register your account in Legal Remit, you need to contact our customer service for guidance.

How can I change my email address?

To change your email address, please go to profile, click on the edit profile, you can change your email there. Click on an update. Your email is changed now, please check your inbox and click on the verification link to verify your email.

Note: You must verify your email once you change it to a new email address/ Verification of email is mandatory.

How can I edit my KYC?

To edit KYC, Please follow the following procedures

  1. Go to profile

  2. Click on edit KYC

  3. Fill/amend new details as per change

  4. Click on the Save and next

  5. If your ID is expired or want to provide a new ID, click on add new document.

  6. Once you update everything, click on submit KYC.

How can I change my address in Legal Remit?

You can change your address by editing your KYC information on your profile.

I recently moved to a new address, how can I update it to Legal Remit?

You can update your new address by editing your KYC information on your profile.

Why does my residential address need to be up to date?

KYC information is very important to provide financial service. Residential address is one of the important elements of the KYC information. To minimize financial crime and scams, you need to provide the correct residential address. This will help you to protect yourself from being victims of financial crimes

How can I remove my receivers from the list?

You can delete receivers from the receivers list if you have not made any transactions with them. If you have already sent money to a receiver and wish to remove it, this is not possible. Instead of deleting it, you can hide receivers and their transactions using a secret lock key.

How can I hide my transaction?

You can hide your transaction using a secret lock key you have set up in your account. If you have not set up the secret key yet, it will ask you to set up a secret key while hiding a transaction from the transaction page. You can enter that secret lock key in the search bar to see the hide transactions list.

Note: Secret lock key will be the same for the transactions and receivers.

How can I hide my receivers?

You can hide your receivers using a secret lock key. If you have already set up a secret lock code in your account, you can use it to hide. If you have not registered your secure lock key, it will ask you to set it up while hiding your receivers. You can enter that secret lock key in the search bar to see the hide receivers list.

Note: Hiding a receiver causes all transactions to disappear from the transaction list for that particular receiver. However, you can search and view it using the secure lock key in the search bar.

How can I change the secret code? I forget my secret code, how can I get access to my hidden receivers and transactions?

To change your secret code/secret lock key, you need to have the current password of your account. You can change it from settings (change/update secret key). If you do not have your current password, please reset your password and use it to change the secret lock code.

I forgot my Pin. How can I change it?

If you forget your pin, you can click on forget Pin, it will ask you to log in to your account using your email/phone number and password. Once you logged in, it will ask you to set up a new Pin in your mobile application.

How can I track my transaction status?

You can track your transaction status from the tracking option available on the home page of the mobile application. You can see each and every stage and status of the transaction on a single page.

For web users, Tracking of the transaction is available on the right-hand side of your transaction, just below the invoice.

How can I get an invoice/receipt of my transaction?

On your transaction page, there is an electronic invoice for each transaction. Please click on it to view or download it.

How much money can I send at a time?

You can send a maximum of A$10,000, per transaction. You can send up to A$30,000 in a day with three split transactions. There is no limitation for a minimum transaction amount.

Can I deposit cash in Legal Remit?

As we are a complete online-based remittance, we do not receive any sort of physical cash.

Why can't I pay Legal Remit in cash?

As cash carries a higher degree of financial crimes. We have implemented an AML/CTF policy that prohibits the receipt of cash.


Staying safe online is one of the biggest challenges because of cybercrimes. We are dedicated to keeping our customers safe and secure online while using Legal Remit. We know what effect it could make on you if you and your data are not safe online. Here, at Legal Remit, we have very strong security procedures that keep your all data and activities secured and encrypted.

Where is my money

Legal Remit’s real-time tracking system gives information about your transaction in each status. You can see where is your money and how long it may take to reach your recipient. Tracking is available on the mobile app and our web application.

How to identify whether it's a Legal Remit or a Scam?

We have two domains legalremit.com and legalremitnepal.com.au. If any link takes you other than these two, please stop going forward. Our mobile application is available on the APP store and Play Store under the name of Lumbini Group.

Always verify our Logo and app icon.

  1. We never call our clients from a Private number.
  2. We never ask our clients to give their passwords/OTP etc.
  3. We never send you third-party links to click on it. Please verify it consist of our domain (legalremit.com, legalremitnepal.com.au) only before clicking on it.
  4. We never send you a link to claim the rewards or prizes you won in our campaign. This will be confirmed via mobile phone and announced on our social media page including Facebook and Instagram.
  5. We never ask you to transfer money to an individual account. Please make sure you are paying into our account using the given payment method at Legal Remit.
  6. We always send you OTP from LegalRemit's name.
  7. Please do not share OTP, Passwords and PIN
  8. Please activate biometric authentication for a higher degree of protection.
  9. Keep a strong password consisting minimum of 8 characters, an uppercase letter, a special character, a lowercase letter and a number.
  10. Change passwords at regular intervals.

Our Guidance to keep your account secure online.

  1. There is plenty of malware and spams coming your way. Please ignore it if you really do not know about it
  2. Always verify the app and web before you use any online platform.
  3. Do not click on the link you received from unknown sources.
  4. Be aware of messages from unknown numbers and emails mentioning you have a post due to receive, you won a lucky draw etc.
  5. Avoid public wifi and shared networks to prevent the possibility of data theft.
  6. Make sure the site you visited has a valid SSL certificate. (you can see a locked icon on your browser top with the website starting from https:// just after the locked icon).
Bank Transfer

Bank transfer is a widely used delivery method in the remittance industry. All bank transfers are completely electronic and encrypted to make them highly secured.

  • Delivery Time

    Most of our bank transfers are completed in minutes or less. However, it all depends upon your receiving country and their banking system. Our given times are indicative only for the information purpose and Legal Remit won’t guarantee its delivery as stated in normal circumstances.

  • Cost of transaction:

    Normally, bank transfers using Legal Remit are cost-effective compared to the transfer using swifts and competitors. However, the transaction cost is dependent on the receiving country. You can use the send money page to see how we charge for the bank transfer. Every country has their own charges and standard delivery time.

  • Required details for a bank deposit:

    Basically, you are required to provide us with the full name, bank name, branch, and account number to proceed with your bank account deposit request. However, the required details for the bank deposit are different in each country. We ask you to fill out the details based on your destination country.

  • Note: Incorrect bank details may cause a delay in your delivery or result in paying to an unintended recipient. All successful transactions are irreversible. This is the sender’s responsibility to make sure all provided details are correct.

Wallet Topup

Wallet top-up is another form of delivery method which is based on an electronic transfer method using secure and encrypted remittance channels. In normal circumstances, most wallet transactions are completed in minutes or less. However, delivery time depends on the recipient country and the availability of their service.

Cash Pickup

Cash Pick up is a traditional method of remittance still used in all parts of the world. These transactions are the quickest in the remittance delivery channels and are normally used in the case of urgency and for the small size of the transaction. Its delivery time is completely dependent upon the destination country’s working hours and the availability of the service.

Utility Bill Payment

Legal Remit brought utility bill payments into the remittance channel for the first time in the Nepalese market. Users can easily check their bills and pay them in real-time for the common service providers in Nepal. Payment of Insurance premiums is another valuable service we offer to the customers.

Receive Money

Receive money to your bank account globally using the Legal Remit Platform. Our real-time payment facility at a lower cost and higher conversion rate gives you real value for your hard earn money all the time.

Partners and affiliates

We are partnered with many financial institutions around the world to give you the best possible service.

Partners in Nepal
    1. Banking Partner
    2. Everest Bank: Everest Bank is our remittance payout partner in Nepal. Legal Remit is Everest Bank’s Australian partner for remittance and other banking services such as account opening, Activating dormant accounts, and many more.
    1. Remittance Partner
    2. Sunrise Bank
    3. NIC Asia Bank
    4. NMB Bank
    5. Citizen Bank
    6. Prabhu Bank
    7. GME
    1. Wallet Partner
    2. GME
    3. eSewa
    1. Cash Pickup Partner
    2. IME: AAll cash pickup transactions sent from Legal Remit can be withdrawn from any IME location in Nepal.
    1. Global Partner
    2. MoneyGram:All cash pickup transactions sent from Legal Remit can be withdrawn from MoneyGram’s payout location around the world except for Nepal.
Exchange Rate And Service Charge

Exchange Rate: The exchange rate refers to the indicative rate we offer clients to convert AUD into their desired currency (Subject to availability). We update rates on our system based on the live rate of the market and can not be guaranteed until you submit your transaction. The rate will be locked as soon as you submit the transaction and will not be affected by the changes occurred thereafter. The rates will be locked for 24 hours. If we do not receive your money within 24 hours period, you should proceed with your transaction again with new rates available on the Legal Remit app.

Service Charge: The service charge is the fees Legal Remit charge against each transaction you made with Legal Remit. Our service charge varies based on your receiving country, your choice of delivery method, and your preferred payment method. Use of debit card and credit card to make payments cost you higher compared to other forms of payment such as PayTo, PayID, Poli and Bank transfer.